Volunteers in Denmark

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Volunteers share their blogs, pictures, videos, and other media with us to share their experience in Denmark. Some volunteers also do takeovers of the official Dansk ICYE Instagram account.

Volunteers on the European ESC-programme are obligated to create a “dissemination project”, which can be a blog or a video, but they can get creative and create a whole different type of project to disseminate their experience. This is also why there are a lot of blogs, videos and other media from the ESC-programme available on this site. Read more about dissemination projects here.

ESC: Individual Volunteering was previously called the EVS-programme, which is why previous volunteers use this name.

Find the blogs, videos, and other elements of dissemination here through the menu “Volunteers in Denmark” at the top of the website. Here the dissemination projects are divided by different names and year.

Volunteers on our global programme, the ICYE-programme, are not obligated to create a dissemination project, but they are still very welcome to share their blogs, videos, pictures, and other media with us.

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