Timna Bustrup Hovedgaard

Bustrup Hovedgaard

Vulnerable youth

I’m a volunteer in Bustrup Hovedgaard in Midtjylland, Denmark.

Bustrup is a school and care home for teenagers with various difficult backgrounds. All of them had a challenging past, each of them a different story. I came here to have a positive impact on them.

When I found out that neither the school nor the care home separates waste properly, I was quite shocked. Everyone should know by now that our planet is in a major crisis. For me was sure that that had to be changed.

Our planet is burning and we need action now. Even if it’s only a temporary solution and the system of the commune will be installed in the couple ofyears. We need to start now!

This is how I got the idea to start by myself.


2019/2020 Intercultural Exchange: Ref. Nr. ESC11-060368