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Odsherreds Efterskole

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Dissemination project – Odsherreds Efterskole

Odsherreds Efterskole is a part of Denmarks unique Efterskoles. To summarize a Efterkole it is
easiest to imagine an exchange year in another country which is popular among teenagers in the
whole world. Of course that is not an experience for everybody so the danish people invented a
Efterskole. An exchange year at home. Meeting new people having a lot of fun and focusing
probably more on personal growth than pure education is one of the key point why the students join
the boarding school for one year.
Odsherreds Efterskole is laying in the north of the island of Zealand about 1h15 away from the
Danish capital Copenhagen. Out in the country side close to the Baltic Sea the students have the
chance to live in their own bubble for one year.
Last year in August I arrived in Faarvejle to join the students on their year at the Efterskole. As a
volunteer I had various tasks which differed a lot from each other. The biggest part was organizing
and taking part in free time activities during the evenings and the weekends. Nevertheless I had also
the chance to make the experience of teaching my mother tongue German to our students. Last but
not least helping in the kitchen was also part of my duty. But the highlights were our trips to
Sweden and Zimbabwe. The year gave me the chance to learn a lot. Especially to develop my
independent working skills and my sense of responsibility. Furthermore it was appreciated to take
initiative and bring in own ideas so I did not have the feeling I need to follow orders all the time.

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2019/2020 Children and Youth the Danish Way: ESC11-2019-010