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2020/2021Boarding School for People with Disabilities If you are interested in hearing about all my experiences during my volunteer year in Denmark, then read on!In the upcoming months I will write about all kinds of things concerning Denmark.You will find posts and pictures about my volunteer project, the Danish culture, how I spend my free …


2020/2021Boarding School for People with Disabilities

Vandel Efterskole

2020/2021Efterskole Jaime is volunteering at Vandel Efterskole 2020/2021, but due to the lockdown procedures in Denmark to contain the coronavirus, Vandel Efterskole shifted to online lessons for their students after New Year’s. Jaime went home for his Christmas break and is still in Spain by February 2021. He made this video to keep in touch …

Tatiana og Anne
Rejsby Europæiske Efterskole

2019/2020Boarding School 11 Tips for the Best ESC Volunteering Experience in Denmark. Learn Danish Figure out the paperwork Follow rules Use libraries Check out www.dr.dk Do not be too spontaneous Take initiative Don’t miss out on traditions Bring your rain gear! Use your leisure time fund Accept Danes Covernummer, “Indtil vi ses igen” Skrevet under …

Aagaard Efterskole

2019/2020 Boarding School

Odsherreds Efterskole

2019/2020Boarding School Dissemination project – Odsherreds Efterskole As a volunteer I had various tasks which differed a lot from each other. The biggest part was organizing and taking part in free time activities during the evenings and the weekends. Nevertheless I had also the chance to make the experience of teaching my mother tongue German …

Bustrup Hovedgaard

2019/2020Vulnerable youth I’m a volunteer in Bustrup Hovedgaard in Midtjylland, Denmark. Bustrup is a school and care home for teenagers with various difficult backgrounds. All of them had a challenging past, each of them a different story. I came here to have a positive impact on them. When I found out that neither the school …