Sarah Kate Grejsdalens Efterskole

Sarah Kate
Grejsdalens Efterskole

Boarding School


Instagram Takeover

In October 2018, Sarah Kate did a takeover of the Dansk ICYE Instagram account. See her takeover below.

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This week the students have been on a special schedule. So I only had English classes Monday and today. Throughout the (normal) week I help with 6 English classes. Usually I sit by the students who may not be as advanced as others in English. But I mostly just listen in to the classes and help the teachers with what they need! Most of the students here are very good at English. It’s really interesting to see which words they know and don’t know. It’s interesting to listen because some of the words i’ve known for the majority of my life, and they are just now learning them. This school has two English teachers and they are very nice. They both have different ways of teaching so that’s also interesting to see. #icyedk #icyetakeover #icytovolunteer

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