Mane Kalø Skovbørnehus

Kalø Skovbørnehus


Hej. I’m Mane, a 22 years old girl full of energy and enthusiasm to discover the world. About a year ago I made the best decision of my life and applied for an EVS in Denmark. What now? From September on I am living in one of the most amazing countries of the world, learning their language and culture, examining their kitchen and mentality. I am volunteering in a forest kindergarten called Kalø Skovbørnehave. It has a quite unusual concept as a kindergarten which can be found only in Denmark.
The children spend from 50-90% of their day in the forest.
My usual day consists of working in the kindergarten, going to the gym, going to the library and attending a language school. Because I work 4 days a week, I have a really long weekend which I spend with my friends, with my host family or I travel.


2019/2020 Children and Youth the Danish Way: ESC11-2019-010