Lara Bustrup Hovedgaard

Bustrup Hovedgaard

Vulnerable youth

10 months.
When I started this adventure which should become the most exciting, breathtaking, defining, exhausting,and challenging year of my life, I thought that it would never end – June was a lifetime away for me.

But the months passed by quickly and without menoticing it, I find myself almost at the end of my stay in Bustrup.

I learned more than I ever imagined that I would. I got to know incredibly strong and inspiring people who taught me so much.

The most important lesson: Giving up is never an option.

The wagon is a relict of the long-gone farm times of Bustrup – built for transporting animals. That was before Bustrup transformed into a school and care home for students with difficult life stories.

For years, it fought the Danish weather – rain, rain and rain – standing outside and patiently waiting to be used again. That battle left scars: The wood started to get mouldy, the iron to rust and the left wheel lacked air, so it slowly tilted to the left side.

When the winter of the year 2020 officially ended, a young ESC-volunteer (me), took a walk around Bustrup landings and laid eyes on the greenish veteran.

She was in need of a project to work on anyways and immediately fell in love with the idea of giving that old and forgotten find a glow-up.


2019/2020 Intercultural Exchange: Ref. Nr. ESC11-060368