Jaime Vandel



Denmark is a country that loves sweets, that is no secret, and their passion seems to be rooted in their own culture and personality. Danes have an immense variety of traditional desserts, they all seem to know how to bake and they even have TV programmes fully dedicated to baking. Here cake is not regarded as an occasional treat or something for special occasions, but as something you can eat on a daily basis, just because it’s “hyggeligt”… And for a sweets lover like me, that is just perfect.

I have eaten so many sweets during my voluntary service in Denmark that I have memories, anecdotes and reflections attached to many of those cakes and biscuits.

This is a small recipe compilation of those desserts, accompanied by the stories they evoke and remind me of. It is also an excuse for me to bake some delicious pastries, many of which I had never even heard of before I came to this sweet country and met these sweet people. I hope you enjoy reading about them and maybe even try to bake them yourselves.

Volunteering for Children and Youth in Denmark 2020-21 t: Ref. Nr. ESC11-2020-002