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Now that my time volunteering abroad Denmark is finished, I can say that I am so glad I had this experience as I am inspired to continue volunteering, I learned to be more self confident, and I gained a better appreciation for the subtle nuances of different cultures.

The best part of my experience in Denmark is the fact that I am bitten by both a travel and volunteering bug as I am already planning another experience abroad to volunteer because I loved my time in Denmark so much. I think that this is great because it will allow me to continue enriching my life in the future. I also appreciate my time abroad because it taught me to be more self confident.

At the beginning of my time in Denmark I was very shy and I didn’t like to talk much, but after meeting lots of new people and successfully tackling a new culture and a new language, I feel much more confident in myself. This is an invaluable skill for me and I am so grateful to have learned it. Finally, I gained a greater appreciation for the subtle nuances of different cultures by getting an in-depth view of the Danish culture.

This was shown to me in learning why the Danes act certain ways, and this is useful for having a greater understanding of other cultures and being more open-minded. Overall, I am grateful that I have had the chance to experience volunteering in Denmark for six months as I have come out of it a better person and I know I will continue to volunteer in the future.

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Instagram Takeover

In November 2018, Isabella did a takeover of the Dansk ICYE Instagram account. See her takeover below.

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Hej alle! My name is Isabella and I will be doing the ICYE Instagram takeover for this week. I am a volunteer from the United States and I currently volunteer at a school in a small city near Vejle. My main job is to teach the students at the school English as they have never had an English teacher with English as their native tongue, but I also help out the other teachers as another set of hands that can work with some of the kids that need extra help. Just a few things about me: I am 18, I grew up with a Starbucks around every corner so I’m suffering from the lack of coffee shops in Stouby, I miss my dogs more than anything back home, and my favorite class to teach is the first grade. I hope you all enjoy seeing a little bit of my daily life in Denmark and the preparations for Christmas! #icyedk #icytovolunteer #icyetakeover

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A typical day for me at Stouby Skole looks pretty much like the one I had today. The morning was two English classes in the sixth grade, one of which I solo taught, and visiting the first graders and getting hugs during the break. Then it was making Mac and cheese with the six graders during their cooking class, and that was one that I led myself. Finally, it was spending two hours with the third graders in mathematics, one of the hours was personally tutoring two of the struggling students and the other one was helping the main teacher with the entire class. Throughout the day I have fun connecting with the students and my coworkers and getting hugs from the younger students. While it may not always be the most exciting work to do, I’m always happy to go to work! #icytovolunteer #icyedk #icyetakeover

Et opslag delt af Dansk ICYE (@danskicye) den

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