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Kontakt Mellem Mennesker

2020/2021Community Centre Hej, I am Natalie from Austria and I just turned 18 in July. I have graduated from the highschool BORG Kindberg and got my, in Austria, Matura. The question, “What do you want to do after your Matura?”, has always had a clear answer to me: I want to go away. I really …

Tranbjerg Plejehjem

2019/2020Nursing home 10 Monate Dänemark! Ein Traum ging für mich in Erfüllung. Am 1. September flog ich von München direkt nach Aarhus. Angekommen in einer unbekannten Stadt, wurde ich schon von meinen Nachbarn (ebenfalls Freiwillige) und meiner Mitbewohnerin herzlich empfangen. Aufgrund von Covid-19 bin ich schon am 13. März zurück nach Vorarlberg geflogen, um von …

Aagaard Efterskole

2019/2020 Boarding School


2019/2020 Youth/education Read Hanna’s article about her ESC-experience:

Kalø Skovbørnehus

2019/2020 Kindergarten Hej. I’m Mane, a 22 years old girl full of energy and enthusiasm to discover the world. About a year ago I made the best decision of my life and applied for an EVS in Denmark. What now? From September on I am living in one of the most amazing countries of the …

Odsherreds Efterskole

2019/2020Boarding School Dissemination project – Odsherreds Efterskole As a volunteer I had various tasks which differed a lot from each other. The biggest part was organizing and taking part in free time activities during the evenings and the weekends. Nevertheless I had also the chance to make the experience of teaching my mother tongue German …

Kalø Skovbørnehus

2019/2020Kindergarten DENMARK IN 10 MONTHS Even though I always knew that I will be going abroad after high school, it is so scary when it’s time to leave home and start into a new adventure… After being abroad when I was 15 years old I told myself that I will do this again after school …

Tranbjerg Plejehjem

2019/2020Nursing home

Sabine and Stefanie

2019/2020Specialised School

Solbjerg Plejehjem

2019/2020Nursing home Why I went to Denmark, what I did there and how Covid-19 changed it About a year ago, I realised I wanted to do something different after I finished highschool, so I started to think about a possibility to go abroad, since I always wanted to live in another country for a while. …

Dansk ICYE

2019/2020Administrative 2019 ESC Denmark: Ref. Nr. ESC11-060011

Rejsby Europæiske Efterskole

2019/2020Boarding school

Bustrup Hovedgaard

2019/2020Vulnerable youth I’m a volunteer in Bustrup Hovedgaard in Midtjylland, Denmark. Bustrup is a school and care home for teenagers with various difficult backgrounds. All of them had a challenging past, each of them a different story. I came here to have a positive impact on them. When I found out that neither the school …

Bustrup Hovedgaard

2019/2020Vulnerable youth 10 months.When I started this adventure which should become the most exciting, breathtaking, defining, exhausting,and challenging year of my life, I thought that it would never end – June was a lifetime away for me. But the months passed by quickly and without menoticing it, I find myself almost at the end of …

Marine Biology Research Centre

2019/2020Environment The Marine Biology Research Centre (MRC) in Kerteminde belongs to the University of Southern Denmark’s department of Biology and is located directly at the passage of the Great Belt and Kerteminde Fjord on the island of Fyn. The project’s main focusses are bioacoustics, psychophysics and animal behaviour research that is carried out working with …