Laurine Argentina



Instagram Takeover

In October 2018, Laurine did a takeover of the Dansk ICYE Instagram account. See her takeover below.

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Hey! I’m Laurine and I am taking over this Instagram in the following week 😝 I am currently living in Buenos Aires as a volunteer. I work at two different projects, both focus on interaction with children and introducing different cultures into vulnerable areas. One is centered in Avellaneda (A “barrio” here) and the other in La Boca. I live in a hostel with 14 other volunteers, furthermore a lot of people from South American countries. It is such a great experience and we are all a big family. We do a lot of sightseeing together which I will show you in the upcoming week! Buenos Aires is a big, busy city with a lot of opportunities. We live at Hipolito Yrigoyen which is directly in the center of the city, 50 meters from the widest road in the world (18 tracks). Usually my days contains a lot of parallels. I live in the city, take the bus 30 minutes to Avellaneda where I arrive in a provincia. During the bus drive it’s exciting to see how the infrastructure changes from city life to a rural area. The children are nice and like to talk, which challenges a lot because Spanish is a completely new language to me, but I manage and now (two month after I arrived)my Spanish has improved! I really like the opportunity you get with Icye. Living in another part of the world, so different what you are used to – and get a new language back home 😉👌🏽#icyetskeover #icyedk #icyevoluntør

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