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Tranbjerg Plejehjem

2019/2020Nursing home

Sabine and Stefanie

2019/2020Specialised School

Solbjerg Plejehjem

2019/2020Nursing home Why I went to Denmark, what I did there and how Covid-19 changed it About a year ago, I realised I wanted to do something different after I finished highschool, so I started to think about a possibility to go abroad, since I always wanted to live in another country for a while. …

Bustrup Hovedgaard

2019/2020Vulnerable youth I’m a volunteer in Bustrup Hovedgaard in Midtjylland, Denmark. Bustrup is a school and care home for teenagers with various difficult backgrounds. All of them had a challenging past, each of them a different story. I came here to have a positive impact on them. When I found out that neither the school …

Bustrup Hovedgaard

2019/2020Vulnerable youth 10 months.When I started this adventure which should become the most exciting, breathtaking, defining, exhausting,and challenging year of my life, I thought that it would never end – June was a lifetime away for me. But the months passed by quickly and without menoticing it, I find myself almost at the end of …